Dwayne Higgins was born in Canada but grew up in Europe. He had skied and played hockey in almost every European country by the age of sixteen. His father was a lieutenant in the Canadian Air Force, so moving became a way of life. After graduating High School in Red Deer, Alberta, at the age of nineteen with $3000.00 in his pocket; he was off to L.A in search of fame and fortune.

Dwayne had mild success in pursuit of an acting career, but he would eventually move into doing props and art direction working with the world’s top celebrities and directors. In the year 2000, Hollywood was hit with a writers and actors strike. Addiction would take hold of Dwayne’s life, spinning in such an uncontrollable downward spiral that it would take him to the deepest darkest pits of hell. Within two years he would lose everything and anything he loved, including his daughter, friends, career and all his material possessions. He ended up with a third drunk driving charge and was deported back to Canada.

Upon his arrival, Dwayne would continue down his path of destruction with an insatiable appetite for heroin and prescription pain pills. He found himself struggling to survive on the drug-infested streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. At the lowest points of his life, he would try suicide three times, with the last attempt being a four-story dive off his mother balcony. He would spend six months in the hospital suffering from a punctured lung and broken pelvis. Dwayne needed to learn to walk again, not only physically but spiritually as well.

Dwayne would end up traveling the world serving and doing missionary work in Mexico, Indonesia, and Africa. He would find salvation and redemption with that someone, who would pull him out of the world of addiction and set him back on his feet. Dwayne engaged in a successful Christian rehabilitation program. After eleven years of separation, he reunited with his fourteen-year-old daughter who urged him to record his remarkable story in From Reel to Real. Today, Dwayne continues to live in Vancouver.